Ryse Technologies specializes in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementation and upgrade projects. Our team of experienced consultants can help you every step of the way. With our expertise and experience, we can assist you in planning, executing, and delivering a successful D365 F&O implementation that meets your specific business needs and goals. We can also provide ongoing support and training to ensure that you and your team are able to fully leverage the capabilities of your ERP platform. Reach out to us today to discuss options for assessing your project!

Connect with Experts

Business Process Documentation

To ensure the functional efficiency of your business, we will help you to model and document your business processes. Libraries of business processes can be created by one of our implementation experts in conjunction with your subject matter experts during the implementation upon which your perfect solution can be modeled.

Fit / Gap Analysis

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Dynamics AX) is a robust software suite that is flexible to suit your business needs. The experts at Ryse Technologies can help determine business requirements and adjust the software to fit your company's needs. At the fit gap analysis stage of implementation, we will analyze each requirement and record important aspects such as the priority level, gap intensity, and effort amount. To ensure the implementation's success, our team will provide documentation of these requirements and fit gap plans.  

Project Management

Close collaboration and dependable project management is at the forefront of project success. The team at Ryse Technologies is comprised of veteran project managers with countless successful implementations and upgrades under their belts. By using an Agile Scrum framework to manage projects, as well as a modernized version of Microsoft's SureStep methodology, we offer extensive customer collaboration and support to assure a smooth and successful outcome for your project.

Hypercare and Support

Following a system Go-Live, our certified experts will provide additional support to ensure the seamless adoption of your new system. In addition to Hypercare, the team at Ryse will be available for support in any capacity your organization requires. From simple code reviews, to dedicated 24/7 service level agreements, we will be the team you can rely on to fulfill all of your needs.


The Microsoft-certified experts at Ryse Technologies can provide the customizations your company needs. We strive to conform to standards and best practices as much as possible to reduce maintenance of the application long term. We leverage frameworks wherever possible and aim to extend the base application in ways which reduce the time and cost of keeping your environment up to date.

Proofs of Concept

To help show a project is feasible and will reach success, we can create proof of concept applications for you. Different from a prototype, a proof of concept shows the product can be made, rather than how it's made. A Prototype can be built to display the behavior of core processes and functionalities in practice. It is used to cost-effectively demonstrate design proposals, give the end-user an opportunity to evaluate a solution hands-on, and provides feedback early in the design process.

Training and GoLive Planning

Communication and teamwork are at the forefront of implementing a successful project. Processes such as CRP meetings and rollback plans are vital pieces of planning implemented at Ryse that allow for collaboration and in turn a successful Go-Live. One of our highest priorities is ensuring seamless user adoption. In addition to designing and building the implementation, our team of experienced solutions developers will provide training to ensure users are confident in new custom implementations.

Data Migration

The Solution Architects at Ryse have led many migration projects. Whether data is from an older version of Dynamics, a legacy system, or a completely different software, our team will ensure your data migration goals are achieved within your budget, regardless of complexity.

Requirements Gathering

Our consultants have decades of experience running software implementations.  One of the first steps, and a cornerstone of a successful implementation, is requirements gathering. Our consultants bring with them industry and software knowledge and quickly learn about your business to best identify and define your unique requirements. We will deliver the software that your company needs, aiming to reduce unnecessary modifications and helping to simplify your business processes.  


Our team of solution experts at Ryse Technology have extensive integration experience. If any part of your current system relies on an external system such as an online API, we can provide a seamless integration with a selection of our D365 application. D365 provides a suite of methods for moving data in and out of your application. Reach out and ask us to help you understand the common D365 F&O integration options!

     The common data model (CDM)



      Service Classes

      The Data Management Framework (DMF)


      Data Lake Integration

      Business Events

      Electronic Reporting Framework

      Dataverse Link

      Office Interop

Our team of integration experts can help you build a customized integration landscape that meets your unique needs and goals. With our skills and experience, we can design, build, and maintain an integration landscape that helps you connect, integrate, and automate your systems and processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Power BI

D365 F&O's primary reporting tool, Power BI is a scalable resource that enables your enterprise to securely integrate data from multiple mediums (Excel D365, SQL Server, etc.). Power BI provides self-service reporting, allows for customer-partner collaboration, and lets users model data across departments and industries to be viewed anywhere.

Our team of Power BI experts can create tailored reporting solutions that help you make informed, data-driven decisions. With our skills and experience, we can design and implement custom reports that meet your unique needs and requirements. We can also provide ongoing support and training to ensure that you and your team are able to fully utilize the power of Power BI. Don't waste any more time with generic, off-the-shelf reports – contact us today to learn how we can help you create custom reporting solutions with Power BI.

Project Rescue

Projects don’t always turn out in a way a customer envisioned. Whether it’s facing an unforeseen shortage of talent or scope creep, the team at Ryse Technologies has the extensive experience needed to step in to aid with project rescue and will assist in any capacity to get you back on track.